What is a 'Green' home anyway?

The 'Green' home means different things to buyers depending upon their perspective and exposure to energy saving concepts for the home. If you are building your own home you may be evaluating the benefits of LEED certification. If you want to reduce your energy consumption thereby lowering your monthly utility bills, there are a number of ways to accomplish this. However if you simply want to green your home with little expense there are a number of easy...(continued)

Can I afford to go 'Green"?

The answer is yes! Regardless of your home buying budget, you can get economic benefits and do your part in saving the environment. The short term reason to go green is to save on your monthly utility bills. A simple energy saving feature of a high SEER air conditioner can save $75 to $200 or more on your monthly electric bill depending on the size of your home. By finding a home with a R-19 rated wall insulation and R-30 ceiling insulation, your family can save more on the energy bill. Add this to the savings afforded by low-e double pane windows, you can save ...  (continued)

'Green" homes - Is it time for us to buy Green?

The answer is yes again! For at least two reasons, now is a great time to look into buying a ‘Green’ home. First, the savings in monthly utility bills is a great incentive to insist on green features that reduce or eliminate energy consumption. There are new search selection options in the MLS home listing system that identify green features and certifications. As a member of the PAR, I can target search those features which deliver the most energy savings for your home buying budget. Second, this is the opportune time to buy a home while there are so many homes ... (continued)

How can I find a 'Green' home in Phoenix?

There are many more homes with identifiable green features now thanks to the new search tools I have available to me in the MLS home listing system than ever before. I will take the time to find out what your ecological and financial goals are in buying a ‘Green’ and lay out a plan for finding a home with the desired features that are within your home buying budget. (continued)


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