Can I afford to go 'Green’?

The answer is yes! Regardless of your home buying budget, you can get economic benefits and do your part in saving the environment. The main reason to go green is to save on your monthly utility bills. A simple energy saving feature of a high SEER air conditioner can save $75 to $200 or more on your monthly electric bill depending on the size of your home. By finding a home with a R-19 rated wall insulation and R-30 ceiling insulation, your family can save more on the energy bill. Add this to the savings afforded by low-e double pane windows, you can save even more. These are in addition to energy saving measures you can do in your existing home or your future home.

Evaluate the financial return on investment of buying a home with alternative energy sources. If you installed a solar electric system on a home, APS and SRP will give rebates on the installation. The government will also give tax credits for the installation of alternative energy systems. This can result in a 40% to 60% reduction in the cost of the system. The savings on your monthly utility bill will pay for the cost of the system in10 to 12 years. Otherwise without the rebates and credits it could take over 20 years to return your investment.

However if you purchase a home with solar energy saving systems, you would find that the additional cost could be between $5,000 - $10,000 depending upon the system and features. This would translate to less than 10 year return on your investment, or as low as 5 years to break even. Even better, it will eliminate the need to expend cash or get a home improvement loan to install the system by having the cost built into the new mortgage.

The same applies to existing remodeling upgrades such as high efficiency, high SEER air conditioners, low-e double pane windows and EnergyStar kitchen appliances. The home owner has already purchased the energy saving appliance or system and adds only a fraction of it’s original cost to the asking price of the home.

The added benefit is that homes with these green features are typically newer. The builders have integrated these energy saving features into the building of the home often using higher construction standards. They are better insulated, better sealed and overall use materials that are more in line with modern energy efficiency.

I can find these energy saving, green conscious homes for you with the tools available to me. In addition with my background and training in green technology, I can identify those features in a home that will provide the most advantages to you financially and ecologically. Call me and put me to work for you finding your dream green home.


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