What is a 'Green' home anyway? Part 2

The point is that there are many existing and emerging standards for homes and buildings that can help you determine the relative level of ‘Green’ to which a home has been raised. No one standard has been universally accepted by the building industry, remodeling industry, real estate community and the federal government to measure a ‘Green’ home. Aside from applying an intensive LEED type of analysis, performing a thorough energy inspection of a home to obtain a HERS rating, or performing your own analysis using an accepted rating check list, most homes have not established their measure on a ‘Green’ scale.

The problem is that building a home to standards such as LEED platinum can be very expensive. Even performing an energy analysis can be expensive and few home owners are willing to obtain this report when selling their home. So that leaves us with only limited tools to analyze a home in the real estate community. Only recently have many real estate Multiple Listing Systems, including the Phoenix MLS, given us tools to identify energy related features and certifications of homes in the listing system. As a licensed agent and member of Phoenix Association of Realtors, I can search the MLS system for specific homes with specific green features such as

I will take the time to find out what your ecological and financial goals are in buying a ‘Green’ home and lay out a plan for finding a home with the desired features that are within your home buying budget. There are many more homes with identifiable green features now with the tools I have available to me in the MLS home listing system than ever before. Call me to start your search for and find the green home of your future.


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